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Metallographic supplies

We cover the complete range of consumables for metallographic specimen preparation. You will find consumables and accessories for all steps from cutting to embedding, grinding, polishing, cleaning and etching as well as some equipment. We have dedicated a separate category Sale to reduced articles.

Premium polishes from our own production

Since 2010 we have been producing diamond pastes, diamond suspensions, lubricants and final polishing agents such as OPS and alumina suspension in various grit sizes and concentrations from high-quality products.

Consultation and ordering

Do you have a difficult preparation challenge or problems with etching? Or are you planning to invest in your own laboratory? As trained materials testers with an in-house damage analysis laboratory, we are happy to provide you with advice and support - also with a business management background. You can easily place your order online or send us an e-mail. Most products are dispatched the next working day.

Preparation recipes and safety data sheets

Preparation recipes and safety data sheets can be downloaded from our homepage.

Microstructure database

Do you already know our microstructure database with micrographs of many materials, corresponding conditions and etchants used? Interesting damage cases and SEM images are also presented there, so you are sure to find suitable comparison images for your material or heat treatment condition as well as further information. For trainees, the database provides an insight into a comprehensive collection of materials that they might not get in front of the microscope lens in their own company.