Diamond Slurry

We produce diamond suspensions from monocrystalline or polycrystalline diamond grit. Full transparency: The price ...

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... depends on the concentration - the diamond content in carats per litre. Inexpensive versions start at 25 carats/litre. For special applications in the drawing die industry, we have developed diamond gels with concentrations up to 1250 carats/litre for wire polishing machines for drawing dies. The viscosity of the carrier matrix is matched to the grain size of the diamond grit and can be adapted to your requirements if necessary. Please note that we ship containers from 5 litres (graduated prices) in matching 5 L or 10 L canisters. You will receive an empty 1L bottle for decanting.

We produce diamond suspensions with the following carrier matrices:

  • water-based (standard)
  • automatic spraying machine (water-based for dosing systems)
  • alcohol base
  • oil base

Further information on our diamond suspensions can be found on our Homepage.