Cold Mounting

We distinguish between two different types of cold bedding. If it has to be quick, we have several types for you ...

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... fast curing cold embedding material KEM for you in our programme. Cold simply means that you are cold when mixing. The polymerisation reaction is exothermic and can reach up to 90 °C, depending on the ratio between the heat-dissipating, metallic sample volume and the casting volume. All fast-curing cold embedding materials have the disadvantage that they are subject to more or less shrinkage. Gap formations are in the nature of things here.

Slow-curing cold embedding materials (Polyaddition) have a correspondingly low shrinkage, such as our epoxy resin EpoClear.

We have compiled a comprehensive product overview and properties such as mixing ratio, curing time and shore hardness of our cold embedding materials for you on our website and linked them above.