Polishing / Lapping

In top-class sport, our polishes have been involved in several gold medals. We are a manufacturer of diamond suspensions ...

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... Diamond sprays and diamond pastes. We also manufacture matching lubricants and lapping oil mixtures. In the field of oxide polishing, the original OPS (oxide polishing agent) is only available from us. We produce alumina suspensions in different variants and viscosity classes. You will also find the appropriate polishing cloths or (loose) industrial diamond powder in our shop.

You would like to know more about polish production or ask yourself:

  • What is the difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond grit?
  • What does carat per litre mean?
  • How do I avoid polishing defects?

On our homepage, we have summarised the answers to the above questions and further, detailed information about our IDA diamond polishing business unit for you.

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