Since 2022, we have been a manufacturer of etchants ourselves. We currently have 22 different ones in our range, such as Adler, Nital, ...

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... V2A pickling and Kroll. You will also find suitable accessories such as etching tongs, chemical protection gloves or protective goggles as well as the associated operating instructions in our shop.

We are particularly proud of the etchant for former austenite grain boundaries, our PAG QT², which has been developed over a long period of time. If you would like to learn more about the development or have a look at reference pictures of various materials, you will find further information here.

Shipping of etchants to other EU countries:
If the respective etchant is not translated into your national language, this means that we do not have a label and safety data sheet in this language. Unfortunately, you will then not be able to order the etchant through us, as European law requires labels and safety data sheets to be in the respective national language.

Please note our leaflet for handling chemicals.

Shipping costs for QL or dangerous goods:

  • Germany:
    hazardous goods: 20,00 €
    LQ: 15,00 €; single type, limited quantity, not all etchants are possible with DHL.
  • EU: 35,00 €
  • rest:
    CH, LI: 45,00 €

Price adjustments by freight service providers possible at any time.