Here you can find diverse etching reagents as well as metallographical accessories.
Other etching reagents are available upon request:

Safety data sheets are enclosed  with each delivery
If the MSDS and the product label are not yet available in your national language, this must be prepared for a fee.
Dangerous goods may only be shipped by type (example: Nital and Adler must be shipped separately).

We can deliver to the follwing countries:

  • Belgien (BE)

  • Dänemark (DK)

  • Frankreich (FR)

  • Kroatien (HR)

  • Lettland (LV)

  • Liechtenstein (LI)

  • Luxemburg (LU)

  • Monaco (MC)

  • Niederlande (NL)

  • Österreich (AT)

  • Polen (PL)

  • Portugal (PT)

  • Schweiz (CH)

  • Slowenien (SI)

  • Spanien (ES)

Shipping costs for LQ or dangerous goods:
DPD 35,00 €

CH, LI: 49,00 €

Price adjustments by freight service providers possible at any time.

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