We offer a large stock of classic SiC wet-grinding paper (Hermes) for metallographic grinding in the ...

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... Diameter range from 200-350 mm. There are various versions with different fixing options:

  • Non-adhesive (for clamping rings, spray adhesive or adhesive discs)
  • Self-adhesive
  • Foiled (foil backing without adhesive)

For the preparation of samples for spark spectral analysis or for macrosections (e.g. on weld seams), we offer corundum abrasive paper in the standard grit sizes in 250 mm diameter for both the grinding mop and the Flex (single-handed angle grinder).

For hard materials or surface layers with increased hardness (e.g. carburised, nitrided, hard metals, glass or ceramics), we recommend the use of diamond grinding discs. We have four different versions in our programme. We will be happy to advise you on your choice. Diamond grinding discs are preferably suitable for semi-automatic preparation with a specimen holder. The diamond grinding disc is thus worn evenly and the high contact pressures required cannot be applied manually for several minutes. The ADAMANT and IDAMANT diamond grinding discs are an in-house development. Further information can be found in a news article on our Homepage.

Diamond abrasive film and corundum abrasive film are suitable for special applications, e.g. for sample preparation for the TEM. Diamond grinding foils have proven themselves for the preparation of pure tungsten, and accessories such as spray adhesive, double-sided adhesive foil (which can be removed as a whole), metallic carrier plates and magnetic foil round off our product range.